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The location

Global connections

Situated at Nigeria’s geographical centre to unify the nation’s diverse peoples, Abuja is Africa’s greatest purpose-built capital. Offering the cosmopolitan culture of a thriving world city amid a simply awe-inspiring natural environment, it is truly the heart of Nigeria.

Abuja is accessible year round via Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, which is served daily by British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, Ethiopian Airways, Air Egypt, Arik Air, Dana Air, Aero Contractors and First Nation.

Flight times to Abuja, Nigeria:

Abu Dhabi6hrs 23mins
Accra1hr 47mins
Addis Ababa5hrs 20 mins
Beijing13hrs 19mins
Cairo5hrs 16mins
Cape Town5hrs 59mins
Chicago11hrs 53mins
Dakar4hrs 18mins
Dubai6hrs 31mins
Jeddah5hrs 41mins
Johannesburg5hrs 29mins
London5hrs 48mins
Los Angeles15hrs 18mins
Madrid5hrs 40mins
Moscow7hrs 5mins
Mumbai8hrs 39mins
New York10hrs 31mins
Nairobi5hrs 21mins
Nice5hrs 59mins
Paris5hrs 25mins
Qatar6hrs 2mins
Rio De Jeneiro7hrs 59mins
Rome5hrs 43mins
Shanghai14hrs 15mins
Singapore13hrs 0mins
Tokyo15hrs 47mins
Zurich5hrs 11mins